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Hi, I’m Kristin!

Hi, I’m Kristin!

Photoshoot Stylist

I’m a Wife, Mom of 3 and a Photoshoot Stylist. I’ve got my dream job and business and I work from home styling people and families for their photoshoots. I created a system for picking out the perfect outfits for your photoshoot in an easy and stress-free way.

I started by learning everything I could about color theory, color analysis (yes, that thing from the 80’s where you find out what season you are) and how artists create color palettes for their paintings. I then married what I learned there to styling formulas that I created based upon research into what actually works in photos – the right textures, fabrics and cuts of clothing.

When working with clients one-on-one I also make sure to pick outfits that will be flattering and photograph well by considering their proportions and what I know will work!

I’ve taken all of this experience and turned it into a course so that you can DIY your own styling for your photoshoot, and get the results you want. Perfectly styled outfits that everyone feels great in AND photograph well! Here’s to the best professional photos ever!

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