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Hey there, I’m Kristin— a Photoshoot Stylist on a mission to make the process of styling a photoshoot a breeze. I’m the founder and creator of this site, all of its resources and the styling app Mood Board Magic. But enough business talk; you’re here because you want to know who the heck I am, right?

Well, in addition to my work, I am a wife and mom of three. I love nothing more than spending time with my kids and hubby baking sweets and bread, watching movies together and going on little adventures as much as we can. And, I’m genuinely thrilled to welcome you to my little internet nook and share a bit of my story.

Originally a Florida Native, I now call Georgia home. When we moved, I seized the opportunity to capture our new adventure with a photoshoot, craving something beyond the familiar beach scenes of Florida. Georgia’s mountains, flower fields, and peach blossoms inspired a fresh perspective, and that’s where the journey took an unexpected turn.

That photoshoot marked the beginning of an exciting new venture. Prior to this, I’d been a stay-at-home mom since 2010, dabbling in various online ventures and running a small boutique—nothing that truly sparked joy. However, as I dived into styling outfits for this transformative session, I noticed the evolving landscape of photoshoots and the stunning outfits that caught my eye. Georgia’s new backdrop demanded a higher level of outfit coordination, and my search for outfits led to weeks of scouring, over-ordering, and piecing together the perfect ensembles. This experience ignited a passion to master the art of photoshoot styling so I could do it quicker and better the next time!

Booking a second photoshoot and planning more deliberately, I developed a systematic approach and shared my insights through a blog. This caught the attention of our family photographer, who offered me the chance to style all her clients. Nervous at first, I luckily did it anyways and embraced the challenge. Saying yes turned out to be a pivotal moment, propelling the growth of the business to what it is today!

So, thank you for being here and wanting to learn more about me (if you made it to the end!). There are typically two types of folks on my page: photographers seeking styling assistance for their clients or moms who enjoy DIYing their coordination. Good news—I’ve got resources for you both! Moms, check out my (LTK), where I regularly share completely coordinated outfits for various seasons and session types. For photographers, I’ve got all the resources to aid your clients with their outfits. Explore the Services Page, Mood Board Magic and the Style Guide Toolkit for more details. And for everyone, there’s the Camera-Ready Cheatsheet, answering the age-old question: what should I wear to a photoshoot?

I hope it all proves helpful, and once again, thanks for being here!

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