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IRL Photoshoot Outfits

So, when I first got really into family photoshoots, I went on a wild hunt across the internet for real examples of what people wear in their photoshoots. But to my disappointment, there were barely any resources available! That’s when I had the idea to start my own blog all about what to wear for photoshoots. And guess what? It took off and turned into a full-blown business as a Photoshoot Stylist! Now, I want to share with you my personal collection of items that I’ve used in my family photoshoots, as well as items my clients have used. I’ve gathered them from different vendors, some of which are affiliate links (hello, gotta pay the bills!). Just a heads up, some items may not be available anymore, but I’m confident that you’ll still find something similar. I can’t stress enough how important it is to see how clothes actually look IRL photos! It makes a huge difference! So, I hope that sharing my personal picks will be helpful for you while you’re shopping. Happy hunting!