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10 Things You Must Have in your Style Guide (so your clients know what to wear to their photoshoot)

  • The top 10 things to include in your style guide so you can make it an effective tool for your clients.
  • What your clients wear to their photoshoot matters! A style guide is the first step in a Styling Workflow that get results.
  • Finally make or update your style guide so your clients actually use it and show up to their session in outfits that will help you capture those amazing moments! 
Meet Kristin.

Meet Kristin.

Hi, I’m Kristin Cruz, Mom Blogger turned Photoshoot Stylist with a passion for What to Wear to Photoshoots.

(… and the secret weapon behind some amazing photographers building a business full of their dream clients.)

After styling 100+ clients one-on-one I’ve learned how to make the process more effective and efficient, so I’m not constantly texting the same info back and forth to each client. Now I help photographers do the same and free up their time from styling clients with a done-for-you Styling Workflow.

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