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The Style Guide Toolkit

All the templates and tools you need to make a Style Guide for your Photography Business to help your clients show up in amazing outfits for their sessions.

family photoshoot in the mountains

So, You want your clients to show up in amazing outfits for their sessions, but you feel like you just don’t know where to start…


I’ve been there before! And you know what, styling a family for a photoshoot or knowing what to wear to a branding photoshoot is something most people have never been taught. A few years ago I had no real idea or plan for what to wear to our family photoshoot, so I decided to figure it out. And in the process, I ended up with a blog and ultimately an entire business all about what to wear to photoshoots!

You can learn too!

choosing the outfits for a photoshoot is tough…

And your clients are stressed out about it! What outfits do they wear? Where do they find a palette? How do they coordinate everyone? What are the right outfits for a branding photoshoot? So many questions, and very little answers out there (I know because I searched for them not too long ago).

And here’s the dilemma…


Your clients keep showing up in outfits that don’t photograph well.


That makes your editing job harder, and less fun to do because you reeeeeeally don’t like the way the images look.


You know its the outfits they are wearing, but you wonder how to approach clients about the subject, and maybe if you even should?

And YOu know that if your clients showed up in the right outfits, both you and them would be happier with the results.


Is it rude? It’s their pictures after all?

I get why people wonder this. And it’s tough to approach the subject. But, after styling 100+ clients and families for their photoshoots, I can say with the utmost confidence that they want the help!

And, providing the tools and tips to them doesn’t have to be tough, it can actually be mostly passive.

And when you help your clients with their outfits, their pictures (and your portfolio) will benefit…it’s a win-win situation.

AND,WHAT If YOU don’t feel “stylish” enough to give anyone else advice, and what do YOU even say?

I’ve got a secret to tell you, I feel the exact same way! Every time, until I put those outfits together for a client based on the system I made, and they work!

I did not feel like a stylish person when I began styling my own family for our photoshoots, so I learned how! And I ended up creating a system that integrates color theory, color analysis, color psychology and styling formulas of my own design to make the process highly reliable each time. And it works!

So, you don’t have to be “stylish” to style your clients after all! You just need a system, and this girl who didn’t think she was stylish enough, made one for you!

So, What do you NEED?

You’ve got clients, but no system to style them, and maybe you don’t feel “stylish” or competent enough to do it yourself. You are wondering…

  • Do I need a Style Guide?
  • What goes in a Style Guide?
  • How do I approach my clients about their outfits, what do I say?
  • Where am I going to find the time and info I need to properly style my clients?
  • Can anyone just do this for me!?!




Who am I ?

Who am I ?

Kristin Cruz, Photoshoot Style Coach

A few years ago I was just another mom struggling to choose the outfits for our family photoshoot. And the internet offered me no real solutions!

So, I began to come up with some of my own solutions, started a blog, was approached by a local photographer to become her stylist for her business and the rest is history!

After styling clients one-on-one for a few years, I’ve learned a thing or two about building and implementing Styling Workflows in photography businesses. And it all starts with a rock solid and proven Style Guide.


The style Guide Toolkit

A collection of all the templates and tools you need to create a style guide for your business that actually works. Done-for-you and instilled with my signature styling process for photoshoots. So you can finally get the images you want and build a portfolio that will attract some dreamy clients!

here’s what’s Inside

Professionally designed templates

This template will be so easy for you to use and make your own. I hired an amazing designer that specializes in making Canva Templates to design the layout for each Style Guide Template in the toolkit. They are user friendly, easy to edit and contain custom elements and background that are completely customizable. In short, they are pretty and powerful!

A unique Done-For-You Styling System

This part will make your life so much easier! I’ve distilled my signature styling process into these templates in an easy DIY version for your clients to follow.

The palettes are custom in that they have been designed to take into account the colors that work best in photos and on people. In my one-on-one styling we do full color analysis to determine the perfect palettes for each shoot based upon the location, your editing style and the people in the photo. This style guide is the next best thing to that custom process.

Your clients can just follow the steps in the guide to pick a palette and coordinate all of the outfits for their session. Each Style Guide will have custom palettes for the type of photoshoot, Family, Branding, Maternity and more!

+ An ever growing resource for styling your clients…

Today you get INSTANT ACCESS to:

  • The Style Guide Template (Family Edition) – A professionally designed Canva Template made using my signature styling process to create palettes and coordinate outfits that look amazing in photos, the first step in your Styling Workflow (Value $97)
  • The Style Guide Template (Branding Edition) – The same beautifully designed template, but with palettes made especially for Branding Photoshoots. There are three new palettes in these based upon color psychology and marketing. ($97)
  • Location Guide Template ($27)
  • Video Walkthrough of the Family Photoshoot Style Guide Template.
  • Bonus Section – including additional cover pages for The Style Guides so you can customize the look even more.

You will also get FUTURE ACCESS to:

The Style Guide Workbook – a tool to help your clients and you create perfect palettes and coordinate outfits visually (Value $67)

Videos – Walkthrough Videos and Videos to Share with your clients to passively walk them through the styling process (Value $97)

Lifetime Access to all Updates to The Style Guide Toolkit – There are more templates and tools coming soon and you will get access to them all with this early bird offer only available for a limited time (Can’t put a value on this one!). 

Future additions will include:

  • The Style Guide (Boudoir Edition)
  • The Style Guide (Maternity Edition)
  • The Style Guide (Newborn Edition)
  • Welcome Guide
  • Pricing Guide
  • Horizontal & Vertical Body Shape Analysis Guide for Clients
  • and more! (you’ll even get a chance to make requests too!)

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the templates?

Once your purchase is complete, you will receive an email to access your portal where all of the templates and tools are located. You will need a Canva Account to open each template, and the pro version is not necessary since all of the items in the guide are custom made.

Can I change the templates to fit my brand?

You sure can! That’s the beauty of using Canva templates, you can change whatever you’d like! The Styling System in each template is already done for you, so you don’t need to add anything there if you don’t want to, but you will be able to if there are specific palettes and process you use for your business.. But the colors, fonts and elements within the templates can all be changed. The copy is also pre-written so you can leave it as is, or change it to represent your brand voice.

Do I need to fill the template out for my clients to use it?

All you need to fill in is your name and logo and some sessions notes if you’d like. The rest of the styling process I use with my clients is already in the template. You can change anything as you see fit, such as recommendation for outfits and colors, but you don’t have to. Each Style Guide Template is made for your to use as is, with modifications such as color, fonts and logos to align it with your brand.